Making time to write…

An afternoon of our new game Guess Who with Ellie is now over. We each have a tray of people’s heads and try to guess who the other person has drawn for that round. Through a series of deductive, yes or no questions, you are meant to end up with one person still standing. We ask questions like, “does your person have facial hair?” and Ellie asks, “What is facial hair?” We follow with, “Does your person have blonde hair?” Ellie responds, “No, my person has curly black hair with a blue and yellow hat.” And with that one non-yes or no response, I know she has “Chris” and I know that it will take her thirty or more attempts to come up with “Do you have Emily?” and be wrong. Still, it’s just fun to sit opposite such an animated kid who wants nothing more than to be happy, to smile and to compete against her sister at anything life has to throw at her. I was fairly certain I heard Hanna ask, “Does your person have Chlamydia?” That can’t be right.

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