Mystery Tea….

 I have the luxury of having a Tim Horton’s drive-thru fairly close to the house so I often swing thru to pick up a medium steeped tea with two milk.

More often than not, I do get just that but there are days when my mystery drink is not what I asked for. Sure we can blame the muffled, aged intercom system but I can’t help but wonder how “medium steeped tea with two milk” can cause so much confusion. I mean really, isn’t it just the tea and coffee and a couple of additional flavours to choose from?

Some days, they give me a large and don’t charge me for the bigger size–point Liz. Some days, they give me a medium tea with a bag, two milk–so close. Sometimes it’s a coffee with two milk, sometimes it’s a coffee with two cream, sometimes it’s a medium steeped tea with two sugar (yuck), sometimes both milk and sugar (also yuck). My favourite was a recent run that I was the only person in the line when I pulled up, I ordered my medium steeped tea with two milk and the person even repeated it back, “medium steeped tea two milk?” Perfect. When I drove away, flipping open the lid to have that first taste I was more than a little surprised to be  sipping….wait for it…..a medium (check) FRENCH VANILLA CAPPUCCINO.

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