The Only Child Vs. The Shush….

Something I’ve noticed in my Doctoral Dissertation on hosting play dates while marinating meat, is studying the difference between an only child and a child with siblings–the shush factor.

All kids want to run around, giggle, squeal, scream, shout, kick the air at imaginary bad guys and be loud. The difference between kids who have siblings that might have at one time napped, is their innate ability to cope with parental shushing. My kids can turn it down (by necessity) but those play dates who have never been shushed, have no idea how to shift from outside to inside voice.

In fact, I’m realizing, only children have only one voice. It’s all outside, All. The.Time.

One time I caught myself shushing someone and they looked at me puzzled at the strange sound that had come whistling from my pursed lips. One child even asked if I could make that funny sound again like I was a circus act performing for their viewing pleasure.

They jumped up and down excitedly, shouting louder AND LOUDER, “DO IT AGAIN!! MAKE THAT SOUND AGAIN!!!” HA HA HA!!! TEACH ME!!!”

The more I shushed, the more they yelped with glee.

The world would be a quieter place if everyone agreed to have multiples.


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