An Exciting Mark….

Ellie asked me to write the words, “Thank You” on a piece of paper for her followed by an ‘exciting’ mark.

I asked her what an exciting mark was and using her finger, she drew a casual straight line in the air and then a purposeful point at the bottom with an emphasis on her eyes bulging out of the sockets and nearly head butting me for effect when the air dot hit the wind.

Me: Oh, you mean an exclamation mark?

Ellie: Okay but it has to be exciting. Like this (repeating soft line stroke followed by intense laser beam dot)

Here are a couple of things from this weekend worthy of an exciting mark.

We got to swim in our pool!

My sister-in-law ran a marathon and qualified for Boston while I did a series of consecutive bobs (seven I think?) in the comfort of my own backyard!

Chloe is no longer saying, “Bring it on Bitch!” but has shortened it to just “Bring it Bitch!” (Small steps!)

I made a new quinoa recipe and really nailed it!

I discovered after washing my hair with Pantene shampoo and conditioner for the better part of two decades, I really could be using anything and my hair would look exactly the same!

Sometimes life is better when we let the kids come up with the rules.

Thank you for making life more exciting Ellie!

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