The Day After That…

We are having a tough time explaining what tomorrow means to our four year old.

I thought she would have a full grasp of the concept by now as some nights we start the explanation on one day and don’t stop until the next (tomorrow) at which time she has exhausted all possible questions about why the day after today should be named something as arbitrary tomorrow.

“When is Christmas Mommy?”

“It’s in a couple of months.”

“So the next day?”

“No, the next day is tomorrow.”

“So the day after that?”

“No, the day after that would be two days from now. The day after that is the day after tomorrow.”

I am aware of the number of times I start a sentence with the word “No” in a world where we are meant to parent with as much positivity as possible, sometimes I have to tell it like it is.

“Tomorrow is picture day at school, Chloe.”

“Do you mean the next day?”

Here we go.

“Yes, the next day after this one is picture day. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, the next day, is picture day.”

“The day after that?”

“No, the day after this.”

Whoever said the English language was complicated?

When tomorrow arrives there is a strange vibe that fills our family room.

Chloe pauses and looks to be reassured. “So it’s tomorrow?”

Oh dear God.