Star Student….

To some, being the Star Student for the day means being the lucky duck who gets to walk the attendance to the office and skip back to class without caring that you might still be wearing your outdoor shoes as indoor shoes because they are identical.

To others, being the Star Student might bring a heightened sense of power as you not-so-randomly select a buddy to walk with you at the front of the line whom you later assign the privilege of popping the lids off of your Goldfish pretzels or Greek, vanilla yogurt (Activia or it will end up in the garbage with a stern, “You didn’t send me the right kind! You had ONE job!”)

Maybe you’re the kind of Star Student who encompasses all that is right with being a gracious leader. Maybe you stand at the back of the line allowing every other 3-5 year old in your class to walk ahead of you in an unprecedented and confusing move to the wannabe, future stars.

If you’re my four year old, being the Star Student means jamming as much junk into your princess backpack to be gawked at by fellow princesses (and ignored by princes) as is humanly possible.

It means finding random, broken crafts, toy phones no longer singing Hanna Montana songs because the batteries died long before Wrecking Ball had been written and lugging them all to school so you can unzip your bag (with assistance from one of your servants-for-the-day) and watch the glow of Dollarama junk light up your classroom.

Happy Star Student day Chloe.

Sorry teachers.

star student