Chloe’s Birthday….

Our five year old is about to turn six and we are in full party-planning mode here at Balloon Animal Central.

Chloe has asked for a simple party. She wants a red carpet with cameras flashing, everyone dressed in tuxes and gowns and when I asked if she would like any entertainment for her group (magician, princess impersonator, deflated dodge ball with a happy face) she said, “Well maybe Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber….because they’re good role models.”

That sounds like a reasonable ask.

Justin Bieber would be okay (local) but Taylor Swift might not enjoy Chloe’s rendition of her song, “Wildest Dreams” where instead of the part where Swift sings, “Wildest Dreams..” an d then sighs, Chloe has determined the sigh is, “Wildest Dreams are l-ike, hell…” She fades out on the hell part but I’ve heard it twice and both times I was sober.

We have also had several round table discussions about how Chloe is going to be hosting a charity birthday party for a couple of reasons. Actually, for one reason: We can’t handle anymore toys and/or hair accessories in our home. It’s time we gave back for a change and I’m sorry Chloe has to learn to be a good person so much earlier than her sisters did (wait, that sounds bad).

We let Chloe choose the charity and after a lot of research (by Scientists, not by us), Chloe agreed her birthday presents would be better in the form of bananas and so the Jane Goodall Institute will benefit from Chloe’s Oscar themed sixth birthday (with or without you Justin!) and I will be one step closer to fulfilling my life’s dream of teaching chimps sign language.

Yep, this is my life.

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