Dishwasher Shopping….

Greg and I finally agreed after eleven years of Mulva’s services, (I made that up, we don’t have a name for our dishwasher and if we did, it would be Penelope) it was time to replace her/it.

I guess the first sign of a problem was having to re-wash every dish and piece of cutlery after it had gone through a four hour cycle of baking and re-baking all of the crumbs back onto our dishes until I needed my mini-van ice scraper to relieve the plates of their scuzzies.

I did this for one month and after the ice scraper (Rosa) started showing signs of distress, Greg said, “Okay, I guess we should go and get a new dishwasher.”

Interesting that the sink in my vanity has not had a plug for almost three years but that doesn’t seem to get anyone in the house overly excited about a replacement strategy.

We talked dishwashers with the helpful sales rep for about three minutes before making our decision. “Does it get the dishes clean?” Sold! (and then I broke my ice scraper over my knee in a ceremonial closing-of-the-deal offering)

Greg then said, “Hey, let’s look at fridges while we’re here.”

This was a mistake. He was treating our trip to buy a dishwasher like a trip to Winners. Nobody goes to Winners to buy what they set out for. If you go into Winners to buy a scarf, you will leave with a fun pair of boots and an adorable picture frame with the word “Sisters” engraved across the bottom. This open-minded approach to appliance shopping could land us in financial ruin!

Neither one of us really thought our fridge was at a point-of-no-return until we started opening up these brand new fridges.

Have you looked at a brand new fridge lately? The insides glow like a sunrise on Christmas morning.

Those new fridges are so ridiculously clean. Nobody has spilled raspberry jam on a “spillproof” tray. That’s right spellcheck, “spillproof” is not a real word. (Neither apparently is “spellcheck) leaving the jam to harden and turn black until someone says, “Whose olive is this in the fridge?”

Those stains where someone used plastic wrap over a bowl of tomato-based soup and the red from the tomato seemed to be the only thing that ran down the side of the bowl leaving an orange ring we then used as a spot to place future bowls similar in size and potential staining power.

These new fridges are amazing! THREE crisper drawers! I realize there are three drawers in the same amount of cubic units as my current two drawers but just think of all the stuff I could cram into three?

The new fridge has FRENCH doors. Um, how long have I wanted to open my French doors onto the patio with a champagne reception waiting for me? Now I can—right here in my kitchen.

There is an extra door so kids can have easy access to some of their favourite things (dried jam and tomato soup stains) without opening the entire fridge and letting any cold air out. Of course we will never make use of this option but I was now totally impressed by even the fake fruit and empty Perrier bottle on the top shelf.

The freezer drawer was massive. I could shove like a thousand, frozen bananas in there.

“We need a new dishwasher. We don’t really need a new fridge.”

Delivery is scheduled for Wednesday.

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