Elf On The Shelf….

We have avoided the elf on the shelf visits until this year.

I thought our Christmas spirit could use a lift and what better way than a creepier-than-Pinocchio version of a boy who can come and go from our home without setting off the alarms and wreak havoc on any room or person he chooses?

Merry Christmas everyone.

I should start by confessing I did not buy the actual Elf on the Shelf or the book because Winners had the Elf inside a musical game for $12 and that’s just how I roll.

I researched his background to give myself some insight as to how this thing is supposed to brighten our holidays and then I decided to tell the kids the Elf is basically a fun game of hide and seek and you can find him every morning before Christmas.

The first night, the Elf was propped on top of our dining room hutch next to a Rapunzel doll. I giggled in my sleep thinking ahead to the kid’s adoring faces come morning.


Ellie walked into the dining room and said, “That’s not naughty. He’s supposed to be naughty. He’s just sitting there.”

Chloe thought the magic of Christmas was alive in our home but wondered why Rapunzel was allowed to touch the elf and she wasn’t.

Hanna walked down the hall with her eyes closed and mumbled, “Don’t care.”

So Day 1 wasn’t a huge success but I explained to the girls the Elf was likely trying to get used to his surroundings and would probably become more aggressively naughty as the days went on which seemed to be what they were looking and hoping for.

Day 2, our Elf (thanks to a suggestion from a friend) was perched above a container with a chocolate chip stuck to his bum and a small handful of chocolate chips in the clear bowl to look like he had used our Tupperware as a toilet. Hilarious?

Ellie, “Mom, the Elf was sitting in a bowl of chocolate chips this morning and the chocolate chip bag was sealed and put back in the cupboard. He didn’t even make a mess. When my friend Milly’s Elf took out the chocolate chips, he spilled them all over her kitchen and smeared some into the floor.”

Milly’s Mom probably cooks meth, Ellie.

Hanna walked in and said, “I don’t get it. He likes chocolate?”

Chloe approached the container, reached into the dish and ate the handful of chocolate chips as well as the one dangling from the Elf’s bum.

It’s going to be a long month.

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