Fatty Asses….

The kids have taken a great interest in the ingredients in some of their foods.

They begged me to buy them some combination jube-jube/wine gum/berry goo in the form of a tasty summer treat and I was all over it.

They spent some time examining the label and rhyming off the various pork bi-products that contributed to bringing their dream chew toy to fruition.

When Hanna got to “Fatty asses” I paused and asked her to repeat herself.

“May contain; peanuts, soy products, fatty asses…..”

Me: Pardon me?

“Peanuts? Oh, we better wash our hands really well in case anyone has an allergy.”

No, that other thing you said.
“Soy products, fatty asses…”

Yes that. Spell it.
“F-A-T-T-Y space A-C-I-D-S.”

Carry on.

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