Halloween Costume Shopping….

I took our five year old shopping for a Halloween costume.

She begged for a Princess Elsa costume we saw at Costco in mid-June and I didn’t buy it because a) I was mad at Costco for having snowsuits and Halloween costumes on display before I even had a chance to trick myself into a bathing suit for the summer, b) there was no chance Chloe was still going to want to be Elsa four months from then and c) with so much time in between maybe candy would be banned and the whole holiday would be scrapped.

I probably shouldn’t have banked on the banning. Here we are two weeks away without a costume so I took Chloe to Old Navy to look for something.

I like Old Navy for costumes because they don’t generally have specific hot-right-now characters the kids will tire of but rather warm costumes like caterpillars or bumble bees or unicorns that no kid could ever tire of because bees, caterpillars and unicorns are real and are here forever.

But when we walked into the store, we scanned every aisle before asking where the costumes were and were informed, “Oh, we don’t carry costumes anymore. We discontinued them because we had too many leftover at the end of the season.”

Too much of a good thing. Huh.

Where should we go that’s close by and guaranteed to have costumes? Wal-Mart.

Chloe picked up the first costume she saw that resembled a Disney princess and to our surprise, it was a Princess Anna dress (Elsa’s less sparkly sister). For the low, low price of $35 we quickly became the owners of a flimsy, dark green/black “dress” (cape) that felt like brittle plastic made with fabric that would cut you on a cold night.

Chloe then found a long, black wig (Anna’s hair is red) with bright, green streaks in it (Anna has no streaks) and quickly said, “I need this.”

“You need that wig for what?”

“I need it for my Anna costume.”

“Are you going to be Zombie Anna?”

Her eyes lit up, “Yeah! Zombie Anna. This is going to be epic.”

Zombie Anna it is. From the never-been-seen movie Frozen Zombies with classic hits like, “Let it Go, Let it Die…..”

I wanted to go back to Costco to get the nicer costume but they’ve just started putting out bathing suits for next summer.

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