Report Card Interview….

I interviewed Chloe this morning to get an answer to the following question that would be filed away as part of her student transcript–for life. This answer will later be recalled during University entrance exams, at med school graduation, first job interviews, her wedding and duplicates will be handled by her parole officer.

Me: Chloe, what are your goals for improvement this year in grade 1?

Chloe: Goals, goals, goals, hmmm. Do you mean like how many balls will I get in the net?

Me: No, more like, what do you hope to do better at this year at school?

Chloe: Being a magician.

Me: Okay, what about this, what do you think your teacher would like you to do more of in class this year?

Chloe: Like do you mean does she want me to cut her hair?

Hanna: Chloe! She means, academic! What do you want to do better when it comes to academics!?


(This interview)

Me: Is there something you would like to be better at…..

Chloe interrupting: Magic tric…

Me: And don’t say anything about magic.

Chloe: Computer games?

Me: What about writing new words or reading?

Chloe: Not reading! Definitely not reading. Mom, do not write reading. Ugh reading.

“Chloe will continue to work hard on her daily reading.”

Results can be found in the Journal of Academia/Future Magicians.

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