The Plan That Never Works….

You know that plan you have when you have to wake up early?

That plan where in order to keep an ounce of sanity, you tell yourself, “Okay J-Lo, I know this feels really early but don’t worry–there’s a plan.” We’ll get up and do what we need to do and then we’ll go back to bed where it’s warm and cozy and there’s no judgement or day-light and we’ll just rest. We don’t necessarily have to fall back into a deep sleep. It’s all about the rest.

But then we take a couple of steps away from the bed, we turn on the kettle or we pour a glass of vodka water and with each step towards wakefulness, the plan to climb back into that cozy bed becomes more of a dream than reality.

And now I’m in the shower. I’ve fully accepted my wakefulness. Once you turn on the water, there is zero chance you are climbing back into bed for at minimum, several hours for one reason only–wet hair. You wonder, “Well if I wear a shower cap I could easily climb back into bed and I would be really clean.” But the main purpose of the shower is to wake us up. Do we really want to have to shower again in a couple of hours to try to achieve the same thing we’re doing right now? Maybe because it’s nice to have rest at the top of the list rather than that other list filled with thousands of other things to do.

Before I know it, the oatmeal is made, my teeth are brushed, I’m dressed and it’s bright outside.

Here I stand, making my bed.

Another time buddy.

I’ve got a plan.

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