Things I Know For Sure….

1. The young girls in the University locker room do not look at me as though I’m a threat to their chances at winning someone’s affections. Instead, they look at me with a sympathetic smile like, “Can I help you find your glasses or tuck something in?”

2. Collecting two garbage bags worth of bananas in my freezer does not motivate me to make muffins.

3. My daily happiness can be broken down as follows; 40% how much sleep I got the night before, 40% how happy my kids are, 20% finding a new, skinless, boneless chicken recipe.

4. If a group of women are talking about an amazing meal they just made or are about to make, I’m probably going to tell them I am on the cusp of a major break-through in the kitchen too. Then I’m going to go home and put some meatballs in the crock-pot and never tell anyone.

5. When I play make believe with my kids, the name they assign my character will always be, Rosa.

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