Water Bottle In The Fridge….

Yesterday was one of those days.

I never felt like I was fully awake all day. The bags under my eyes had developed a pulse and a personality of their own. One of my kids used the word “relaxification” in a sentence and I just let it slide. I thought that might not be a word but it totally should be and I wanted to get some of it, fast.

Greg emailed from a business trip to tell me how hard it was to stay awake so late while being forced to sip champagne and eat food served to him by people wearing gloves which seemed like a bizarro world next to the one I was in wandering around the kitchen praying the sticky dark, brown substance stuck to the tile floor was in fact from the chocolate, peppermint ice cream I bribed the kids with earlier and not a dog dropping. Mostly because we don’t have a dog.

I unloaded the dishwasher right into the sink and re-washed everything because the “blockage” we thought was keeping our dishes from fulfilling their destiny of being used more than once was clearly not fixed by shoving a pair of Revlon eyebrow tweezers into a tiny hole at the bottom of the appliance, sideways clapping my hands and calling it a job well done.

I spent some time picking up kids, dropping off kids, feeding kids in the car, singing songs about what life would be like if I lived in my mini-van, picking them up, dropping them off, feeding them some more, dropping, picking, feeding, yawning, swerving….

I set the alarm for 4:50am. This is not a typo. One of the kids gets to wake up at 4:50am for a swim practice and I get to be the one to poke the bear and then run out of the room before it devours me whole.

I glanced down the hall to see two swim bags, two school bags ready to go for the morning. I never check to see if the right school books or swim gear have been packed in the right bags. If someone shows up at a swim practice wearing a History text book and a math quiz, it’s on them.

Chloe wanted to play another game of UNO. If our house gets robbed, may the first thing the burglars take be the UNO decks. Please check the kitchen drawers, craft cupboards and family room shelving unit for additional decks so you leave with a full set.

Ellie wanted to sing the alphabet in French to me. With a microphone. While standing on the ottoman. Over and over. French. ABC….get to Zzzzzzzzzzz Ellie!!!!!!!!

Hanna wanted me to quiz her on a French, oral presentation she has in the morning. Yep, that sounds right in my wheelhouse.

My teeth were finally brushed, kids were asleep or at the very least pretending to be to let me off the hook and I considered doing one last thing before crawling into bed and swallowing my pillow.

“If I fill a water bottle for the morning swimmer tonight and put it in the fridge, it will be cold and ready to go and one less thing to do before shooing her out the door.”

I tiptoed down the hall to the kitchen but I couldn’t find her water bottle.

Great! Did she leave it at school? At the pool? Why can’t my kids be more responsible with their stuff? Why can’t they just be organized?

I opened the fridge to grab the cold water jug and sitting front and centre like a trophy after what felt like one of the longest, rainy days on record was my daughter’s water bottle, filled and ready to go for the morning.

She gets it! My kids are awesome! Mom of the year! She filled her bottle to prepare for the morning!

I am a winner.

That or I have had a stroke and forgot I filled it an hour ago.

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