Who’s The Boss?…

I’ve been noticing a lot of articles lately with a focus on parents taking their power back and not coddling their kids and is Steven Avery innocent?

The kids gaining control in the house has been on my mind.

It’s a bit like the board game RISK. They start as babies in their bedrooms in a corner crib but before you know it, they’ve taken over most of the family room, the basement and all of the fridge.

The other day, we were discussing a future hotel stay with the kids and how our plan was to have an exotic weekend getaway (swim meet) with just Mommy, Hanna and Ellie because while Chloe loves exotic getaways (torture) it’s best for all of us if she has some one-on-one time with Daddy to bond and less Chloe-on-swimmer time to swear and cry and fight.

Ellie asked me about the hotel room arrangement and when I explained there would be two queen sized beds for the three of us her response was, well, interesting.

“So, you and Hanna can share a bed and I’ll have a bed to myself because I talk to myself and I like to sleep like a star fish.”


“Actually Ellie, I’m the Mom. I’m in charge and I will be pushing the beds together so I can really sprawl out and practice my downward dog moving in a counter clockwise motion. You girls can find a spot on the floor or use the tub.”

Okay, I didn’t say that but I did explain that as the Mom, I am entitled to one of the beds and the kids would be sharing.

She seemed confused.

Hanna wanted in on the action too, “Mom, I get a bed to myself. I need a good night’s sleep so I can swim my best.”

I agree. She deserves to have a great sleep. And as everyone knows, the best sleeps always happen when kids unrelated to ours, outside the room in the hall rifle mini-sticks at your door until 2am and the heat and dry air inside the room make you realize choking on your own inhalation through your nose is in fact possible and highly likely.

When did this shift happen? This idea that I am a second class citizen in my own hotel room? I’m cot-lady and my kids are living it up in the queens.

I have to take responsibility and ask how much of this I’ve brought on myself.


Am I overreacting or are my kids trying to take over?



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