Query Wars….

Back to querying agents—how is my book different, they all want to know.  It’s not another, stay-at-home-mom-wants-it-all-book. I really just want to be able to do up my pants with two free hands. I don’t want to be envious of people who were born with double jointed thumbs and can clasp a shirt together while balancing a child in the over-the-shoulder fireman’s carry en route to the toilet. This might be the exception to the stay-at-home-mom-wants-it-all-book in that I am happy just to settle. I would settle for a solid night’s sleep. I would settle for being able to eat my dinner with the family and also while it’s still lukewarm. I would settle for being able to watch a full episode of CSI without having to constantly check for kids peering around the corner lest they witness a decapitation and my somewhat sleepless nights graduate to completely sleepless nights. I would settle for not having to repair torn clothes or brand new snow pants that are shedding cotton from around the cuffs and knees, two days after being purchased because my kids play too hard. I would settle for wearing my hair in a pony-tail until the day I die so long as I wasn’t using spit-up as mousse. So, my book would not be just another stay-at-home-mom-wants-it-all-book, it would be the first, stay-at-home-mom-wants-warmsoup-flexible-thumbs-occasional-t.v.-and-nothing-more-book.

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