G.K. and B.K.

 This past weekend, we had some friends come to visit the baby that we haven’t seen for far too long. My daughters were excited that an older girl (8 years old) was coming over to play with them. Ellie chased her around the house trying to hold her hand and came to me asking if “girl kid” would come down to the basement to play with her and if I could help her find “boy kid” in their game of hide and seek. I laughed at her easy way of addressing her new friends and how well it translated to everyone in the room. Who needs a name when you could be called girl or boy and your title based on age. Brilliant. Afterwards, I told Ellie that I am always so glad when people say that she looks just like me. She explained that we really didn’t look much alike at all. “Our boobs are different and so are our clothes.” True, she has been wearing a lot of graphic tees lately.

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